You have learned about the problems why your customers tend to leave your company’s website. Now we are focusing on how to keep them on your site longer, so you can maximize your presentation and convert them into paying and loyal customers.

1. Retouch your design.

So if your site is still packed full of animated images, excess design features and other modern no-no’s, it’s time for a redesign. According to Tony Haile, the CEO of Chartbeat, you have just 15 seconds (or less) to convince new visitors to stay through the power of your site’s design alone.

2. Cut your number of fonts.

One impression that your visitor will notice in the first minute. If you’ve got more than two or three on your homepage, trim them down to create a more modern look.

3. Upgrade your images.

Picture of a cute cat undeniably one picture that no one can resist, but it won’t fit on every page of your site. Take a snap of related picture for your website with a phone camera or digital camera, simply use tools like Canva and PicMonkey make it easy to customize your images, and the impact can be significant.

4. Use comment-provoking questions.

Encouraging visitors to leave comments is an easy way to improve your bounce rate, as the act of leaving a comment typically causes visitors to be redirected to another page or triggers a page refresh — both of which count as multiple page views. Get the conversation flowing by ending every post on your blog with a probing question that prompts comments.

5. Tell a story.

If all else fails, use the oldest trick in the marketing book – tell a great story. Not only does story-based content differentiate your site from your competitors (giving your visitors something intriguing to hold their attention), it helps break through the mental barriers we all have against being sold to. And in an era where we receive roughly 5,000 marketing messages a day, this is critically important when it comes to reducing your bounce rate.